Associate Software Developer

Associate Software Developer




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Associate Software Developer

This role is eligible for our five day flex office work model.

Associate Front-End Developer

Why this job’s a big deal: 

Build the next exciting new product or feature that will ultimately help millions of people experience the world. Join in various Developer forums and be part of a company wide web developer community affecting and driving web engineering decisions.

In this role you will get to:

  • Contribute to critical projects with direct impact on the evolution of Priceline's business.

  • Be part of a multi-functional agile team that continuously experiments, iterates and delivers on new product objectives.

  • Ability to work with Node.js which is at the forefront of what we use to build our customer-facing applications

  • Apply your programming skills towards building low latency and high throughput transactional services.

  • Design and develop systems supporting our high-traffic Hotel, Airline, Rental Car and Vacation Package businesses, that serve hundreds of millions of searches a day, generating billions of events.

  • Interact with Product and Design team members on a modern technology stack grounded in Node.js, with Javascript frameworks and patterns like AngularJS and React/Redux.

  • Optimize our sites for cross-device performance, including mobile, desktop, tablets and phablets, with an emphasis on time to start render.

Who you are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science.

  • 2+ years of JavaScript along with experience working on a number of large-scale, consumer facing web projects.

  • Ability to apply at least one modern client side JavaScript framework or library (React, Angular, Ember).

  • Familiarity with Node.js and how it works along with libraries like Express.js and using Node as a web server or micro-service.

  • Ability to develop and build REST-ful APIs and GraphQL.

  • Comfortable and knowledgeable with software development patterns like OOP, Flux/Redux, Modular, MVVM, MVC and Observer along with knowledge of uses of responsive design and HTML and CSS.

  • General understanding of web server-side technologies, such as GoLang, JSP, Ruby or Python.

  • Illustrated history of living the values necessary to Priceline: Customer, Innovation, Team, Accountability and Trust.

  • The Right Results, the Right Way is not just a motto at Priceline; it’s a way of life. Unquestionable integrity and ethics is essential.

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