Working on the mobile team at Priceline has given me the opportunity to work with a great group of people on really interesting products. Each day presents new and exciting challenges to create the best experience for our users. There's never a dull moment and that's pretty great.
- Kelly S.
Lead Mobile Designer
Kelly S., Lead Mobile Designer
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Our Offices

Map of NYC and Norwalk Offices
The city or the country? We have both! Our Norwalk CT office offers all the access you need to New York City without having to live in there (and without the expense). Just 50 miles away, The Big Apple is less than an hour away by train or car. Prefer the fast paced life of living in the city? You can easily commute from NYC to our Norwalk HQ, or, if you prefer, look at opportunities we have in our Mid-Town Manhattan office.

Giving Back Team Volunteering
Giving back to the community is at the core of what we do. Our charity committee, led by our employees, is always looking for organizations and events that need our help. From packing lunches for children in need, to walking for "Make a wish," we align with organizations that are making a difference in people's lives.

Our Commercials

Video Thumbnail: Thunder Dragons - Priceline Commercial
The negotiator, and now his daughter too, has been delivering travel deals to the people for the past 15 years! They've scaled buildings, joined motorcycle gangs and even spent time in the frozen tundra in a Russian Gulag. He even survived a fiery bus crash! Take a look at what they are up to now, and see some other fun videos, including some "inside looks" at what it is like to work for
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CEO Corner

Our success was founded on a single, radical new idea. We want an environment that honors this legacy by encouraging individuals and teams to simply ask "why not?" We want employees who continually challenge themselves to look at things differently, seek a better way, and know they have the freedom to do so. That's how we succeeded, and it's how we improve."

- Chris Soder

A Word from Our CMO

The Negotiator campaign has one of the highest brand awareness scores in the industry due to the efforts of a world-class marketing team, the power of the brand, and an extraordinary mix of creative talent fueled by analytics. With the arrival of mobile, we now have more opportunities to advertise online with world class brands partners. That requires more data, more people, and more thought around how you create and manage data driven campaigns in the offline and online world."

- Brett Keller

A Word from Our CIO

ENTREPRENEURS WELCOME thrives on the spirit of an entrepreneur. Our engineers are not like an object remaining in motion, where they perform tasks following the same routine until instructed to stop. At we look for engineers with a creative drive and the desire to challenge the laws of physics. At we are never satisfied with the status-quo, we are always innovating. Technology is a journey not a destination. Everything changes over time. lives off the idea that if we are not changing fast enough we will be left behind by the companies that are investing in change. The best tools today are actually platforms, opening the APIs and letting everyone bring their imagination and skills to work and build the best travel platform in the world."

- Mike Diliberto